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Roofing Types

New roofing may be one of the largest investments you will ever make for your home. It is of vital importance to choose the correct type and style of roofing for your application. Not only does Roof Express Ltd. provide quality workmanship and guaranteed service, but we also offer helpful advice as to the roofing type that is just right to provide maximal protection for your home. Some of those roofing types are listed below.

Asphalt Shingles

Carrying a Class A fire rating, most of our roofs are composed of shingles with a 15-year to a lifetime warranty. Available in a variety of stunning and unique colors and patterns, these shingles are able to heartily withstand the wind, sun, rain, and snow.


Cedar Roofs

Durable and long-lasting, cedar is a wood known for its richness, beautiful texture, striking color, and rustic appearance. Its desirable natural qualities include resistance to insects, decay, and moisture. With the most insulating power of all roofing materials, cedar roofs can withstand the harshest weather.


Metal Roofs

Metal Roofs have become a popular alternative to shingles.

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